Parish Council Meeting Notes – April 2016

Before the meeting began concerns were voiced by a resident about the application for building houses in the Parish. He was advised that the Parish Council was totally against any more building and agreed with the resident that we had no infrastructure for more houses.

PC Nick Moore giving his report on crimes committed in the Parish during the last month.  There were only four to report which included a theft of a trailer, one domestic assault, one criminal damage and one theft from a garden shed.

The spotlight from the garage on Crewe Road was still shining onto the main road and causing problems for drivers of vehicles when passing the garage. PC Moore said he had spoken to the garage owner regarding this but would speak to him again as the problem was still obviously relevant.

Speed counts were to be introduced in Vicarage Road to monitor the speeding vehicles following several further complaints to the police.

PC Moore expressed his thanks to the Speedwatch volunteers who had now qualified to take on the task they had trained for.

It was reported that a lady in Bradeley Road had opened her back door one evening to find a stranger standing in her garden. 

Residents are advised to make sure their back gates are locked in the evening.

The PCSO S Watson was commended for his work around the village.

PC Moore was thanked for his time (as it was his day off and he had still come in person to give his report).

The potholes in the Parish were still of great concern and hopefully these would be remedied very shortly. Many roads were highlighted as being in a disgusting state and causing many problems.

There was a dangerous hump on the pavement in Bradeley Road and there was a light off in this road too. These would be reported to the relevant authorities.

The Neighbourhood Plan had received 200 returns on line and the replies submitted by hand were to be picked up from the various collection points.

The Facebook page for Parish Councillors is Haslington Parish Council Community Page.

The Yoxall kitchen had now been refurbished and the next priority would be to look at extending the car park.

Bollards had been erected in The Dingle opposite the junction with Clay Lane. This was to eliminate parking in this dangerous area.

The gate onto the Haslington Bypass from Elton Lane had been opened, this was supposed to be shut to stop vehicles direct access to Elton Lane.

Waterloo Road was to be resurfaced and residents had been given information about the relevant closures.

A request had been made for a defibrillator to be put on the wall of St Matthews Church to enable access at all times to residents when circumstances required one.  This was to be investigated further but the Parish Council are in favour of installing defibrillators and were awaiting further information on this matter.

Footpath 32 at Haslington Hall needs a new stile as the one in place is not user friendly.  A kissing gate would be a better proposition.

The question of the smells invading the Parish was put forward and it was thought that the spreading of manure was the source not the landfill.  In Spring and Autumn residents are used to these smells when the time comes for manure spreading.

It was reported that the playing field/skate-park had had a noticeboard installed which was not relevant to this area. The barriers on the car park on this site are being pushed over and concerns were that if they came down altogether the field would become racetrack for motorbikes and cars.  The Chairman was to meet Councillor Lee Allen to assess this problem

The question of land available for allotments was raised but this had been investigated over a long period of time and the Parish did not own any land to be used for this purpose.

The Annual Parish Meeting of Haslington Parish Council is to take place on 9 May at 7 pm and the Haslington Parish Council Meeting will follow at 7.30 pm

If you wish to register any concerns regarding the meetings please contact Mrs Joan Adams at or 01270 568760, alternatively visit to register any concerns you have regarding Haslington Parish Council