Parish Council Meeting Notes – April 2015

PC Moore was unable to attend the meeting on this occasion but the Clerk had been given a written update on crime in the Parish over the last month which she copied to all councillors.

There were seven offences which were: criminal damage to motor vehicles in Shelburne Drive and Vicarage Road; thefts from motor vehicles in Oakland Avenue and Sandy Lane Winterley; burglaries from a storage unit in Elton Lane and hay bales stolen from a shed in Taylors Lane, Oakhanger and a drug offence, possession of cannabis as a result of a police stop check on the Haslington Bypass.

Anti-social behaviour for March included 2 nuisance vehicle reports, a social media incident and youths causing a nuisance on the bridge over the Haslington Bypass.

Other issues were parking in the Dingle and outside One Stop requiring further attention from local police.

Geoff Beadle reported that since the alterations to the One Stop shop the notice advising drivers of the penalties for parking outside had been removed and not reinstated.

There were still many problems with potholes throughout the Parish.  Although these were filled in they seemed to only temporarily solve the problem.

The junction on the bypass for Clay Lane was still unlit and the explanation given, that there was no electricity to enable a lighted junction, was not satisfactory.

The footpath – Haslington to Winterley – was difficult for more than one person to walk along in places. The hedgerow was very overgrown and needed cutting back. Anyone walking with a child and a pushchair would find it very difficult to stay on the footpath without straying onto the road.

Councillor Beadle reported that the footpath from Crewe Green Avenue towards the roundabout was exactly the same as the one from Haslington to Winterley

The first street light in Park Road had been repaired but unfortunately had failed to light again.

The Chairman of Planning and Finance, Councillor Hovey, was thanked for his work in this capacity for Haslington Parish Council.

Following a request from Haslington PC, a land drain has now been installed on in the footpath at the back of Shelburne Drive which has eliminated flooding in that area.

Concern was made over the road sweeping and the emptying of gullies throughout the Parish. Although Highways had said the roads were swept on a regular basis nobody had seen any evidence of this. Cheshire East to be contacted.

The speed displays units are to be updated.

A complaint had been made about the Guterscroft Playing Field and it was reported that the playing field was litter picked three times a week and the play equipment was inspected by a qualified engineer once a month. If any of the play equipment needed any repair it was done immediately.

Councillor Hammond reported that the Maw Green Road from the main road to the Cattle Arch Farm was to be temporarily closed on Tuesday 5 May for a period of 5 days or for such less time as is necessary for the work to be carried out.  This is to enable tree cutting around overhead power lines. Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

Councillor D Farrall