Parish Council Meeting Notes – April 2013

The meeting began with a report on crime figures for the previous month.  The incidents were down on last month; crimes related to car damage on Coppice Road, 6 ASB offences, a stolen trailer taken from Winterley, 5 burglaries where access had been gained via patio doors, shoplifting and a smashed window that was a domestic offence.

The SDU placements erected in Haslington and Winterley to monitor the speed of traffic were giving a definite picture to the Parish Council.  There were 10,531 vehicles entering Haslington between 8 December and 6 April, the busiest time of day is between 12 noon and 1pm, 28.5% of vehicles were speeding at 30-35 mph and 27.28% were doing 25-30mph. The highest speed recorded was one car speeding at 50-55mph at 9am-10am.  On average the speed of vehicles was within the limit.

Vehicles entering Haslington via Winterley between 8 December and 6 April were 94,769, the busiest time of day was between 3-4pm  The highest speed recorded was 65-70mph between 8-9pm by just one vehicles.  94% of the traffic was complying with the speed restrictions.

The belisha beacon is still not lit on the Sandbach side of the road although this had been reported many times.  The road signs at Winterley and Haslington had still not been repaired and the Parish Council were unhappy that faults reported were not being dealt with more promptly.

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It was reported that Holmshaw Lane was to be resurfaced from Haslington through to Oakhanger.  Councillors accepted that this was urgently needed.  Other roads and lanes throughout the Parish were to be looked at by the Highways Division.

The Police Commissioner was keen to keep vigilant on local areas and the Parish Council reported that they feel very well served by PC Nick Moore

Councillor Lee Allen reported that the Village Fun Day is to take place on 18 May on the Village Green.

A noticeboard is to be erected on the Village Green to display winning awards from previous Britain in Bloom competitions to enable residents to see the accomplishments of the Parish and communities.