Parish Council Meeting Notes – April 2011

The meeting began with PC N Moore reporting on incidents that had taken place during March.  There had been a burglary at the Yoxall Institute, an assault, theft of a motor vehicle, theft of number plates, an assault on Crewe Road and nuisance phone calls being received. 

He also reported on the speed watch in Primrose Avenue and also the Dingle and surprisingly there were very few vehicles exceeding the speed limit and those that were only approximately 5 miles over the limit. 

 It had been reported that a man had been trying to tempt children into his car.  This had happened in Winterley and Sandbach and parishioners were asked to be vigilant on this as it is a very concerning issue. 

The Police Liaison meeting held in March at the Crewe Road Primary School had a very disappointing turn out.  In fact the only people to attend were PC Moore, Community Police Support Ainsley Threadgold and Councillor John Hammond.  Although it had been widely advertised it did not seem people were interested in this type of meeting and the issue of continuing would be taken after the next session later in the year.

 It was reported that unfortunately Cheshire East Council are unable to continue to make a financial contribution to the Britain in Bloom Group  and there will be no grant payments moving forward.

Information on outdoor activities in Cheshire East can be accessed on and booklets can also be obtained for Food for Thought.

Comment was passed that manure spreading seemed to be taking place a Friday afternoon and the putrid smell was lasting over the weekend thus preventing outdoor leisure in the garden.  Is this an issue other parishioners have a problem with?

This was the last meeting of the current Parish Council and new councilors would take up their places after the elections that were taking place in May.

Councillor D Farrall