Parish Council Meeting Notes – April 2010

PC Nick Moore gave a report on police matters relating to incidents in Haslington over the last 12 months.  There had been 23 incidents involving theft from vehicles, 14 incidents of domestic burglary, no serious crime reported, 22 incidents of criminal damage and 5 cases of shoplifting.  Over the recent month burglary and ASBO offences had been reported.  PC Moore said he could not emphasise enough the importance of keeping doors locked to property and vehicles locked up.  He also stressed that keeping articles in cars on view to thieves is inviting theft.  He asked the councillors what they thought parishioners would want to keep at the forefront of the Neighbourhood Policing Team and he was told that anti social behaviour was a concern to all, especially now lighter nights and better weather meant young people would be out much later at night.  There had been drinking on the Gutterscroft playing field again and he was asked to monitor this.

Anyone having concerns about law and order should ring the voicemail on 0845 458 6370 where PC Nick Moore will get back to you BUT

for any major incident requiring immediate attention you should ring 0845 458 0000 or 999 in an emergency

Potholes were still a great concern and Councillor John Hammond stressed the need for people to ring Cheshire East and keep ringing to report the potholes in their area.  The number to ring is 0845 002 0666

A streetlight in Mount Pleasant was reported to be not working and the Clerk was to contact the contractor to attend to the faulty light.

It was reported that there were still no seats in some of the bus shelters and the timetables had been removed.

The road signs in Waterloo Road/Fields Road had been installed the wrong way round and this was to be reported to Highways division. The positioning of these signs is becoming farcical!

The mobile youth bus was now in Haslington on Saturdays from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.  Anyone wishing to learn more about this can ring Sarah Marks on 07985 897898.  Posters advertising the work done by the youth workers have been put up around the village.

The installation of changing facilities on Clay Lane playing field is still under review with funding still being sought.

Councillor Tony Peake reported on the work done by the Red Cross and stated that anyone requiring equipment for medical care to contact him.