Parish Council Meeting Notes – April 2009

PC Nick Moore reported that there were 8 crimes in total, 3 were burglaries from sheds/outbuildings.  The theft of pedal cycles was up but other figures of crime were down.  Home Watch Schemes have been requested to assist.  The Chairman asked PC Moore if there was a Home Watch in the Repton Drive area and he promised to get back to her on this.

The Police Surgeries need more publicity and the Chairman said she would contact the Chronicle and make sure the details were in the Parish Magazine.

It appears that drinking alcohol is taking place on the Gutterscroft Playing Field once more and PC Moore was asked to monitor the situation.

There had been a problem reported regarding a private hiring of the Yoxall Village Hall, toilets had been smashed and vehicles had been damaged – this matter was ongoing.  A skip fire was reported in Repton Drive and youngsters congregating around the Church Hall was a cause for concern.

It was noted that white rings have been drawn around potholes in the Parish and Councillors will monitor progress.  The end of the parking bay in Brook Terrace has still not been grassed in spite of the Chairman having an assurance that this would be done. This has been in a sorry state since the road calming scheme and it is unacceptable that the County (now Cheshire East) pay nothing but lip service to requests for completion.

The Chairman attended the Development Committee Meeting where plans to erect a mobile telephone mast on Crewe Road at the entrance to the village were to be heard.  Although the mast was given the go ahead she thanked Councillor John Hammond for his support for the Parish Council and petitioners who objected to this location of the mast. Unfortunately Councillor Maureen Campbell spoke up for this mast although her Parish Council (Crewe Green) and Haslington Parish Council were against it. She spoke in a contemptuous way about the objectors and the letter in the Chronicle replying to her remarks was scathing towards and rightly so.

The Chairman along with Councillor and Mrs Chris Betts attended a Thanksgiving Service for the Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council.  She remarked that the service was very nice but was surprised that no refreshments were offered to people who had supported this service. She remarked that at our own Churches refreshments were always offered to people who attended special services.

She had contacted Cheshire East Council about plans to make good the Gutterscroft Road and was awaiting a reply.

The Vice Chairman had attended the Princes Foundation Meeting re the Crewe Green Project where the Speaker on Planning claimed they had permission for the Tollgate Site.  Councillor Hovey also attended this meeting and stressed that this development would still be in the Green Gap.  Councillor Wood also spoke against this Project. The matter is ongoing

Councillor Hammond referred to the completion of the Gutterscroft Play Equipment project – he hoped at the next finance meeting the proposed Tennis Courts would be discussed. The Clerk was asked to contact Chris Lawton of Cheshire East Council requesting that the surrounding area of the new play equipment be reinstated as it was very unsatisfactory at the moment

Various requests for funding towards projects, Winterley Pool Information Board and a new venture called CAMEO in connection with St Matthews and St Michaels Churches were received and donations made.

 The Clerk was asked to write to Cheshire East Council regarding the Village Signs that were paid for by Haslington Parish Council,  the signs with the crest of Cheshire County Council had been removed by Cheshire East Council and the Parish Council request that if the Village Signs are removed then they are reinstated by Cheshire East Council.

Councillor Lee Allen requested help with the insurance for the Village Fun Day which was to take place on 16 May and was to be opened by the MP Mr Edward Timpson. As in other years this request was granted. Councillor Hovey suggested that Cheshire East Council should attend this event.

Councillor Betts reported on progress being made on the publication of the Parish Plan.

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place at 7pm on 11 May followed by the Parish Meeting at 7.30pm.

 D Farrall Chairman