Parish Council Meeting Notes – April 2008

The police attended the meeting and reported that a number of incidents had required police presence recently: two robberies, attempts to take copper piping out of manholes in Kents Green Lane, fights on Crewe Road, arrests made on all these incidents. Criminal damage to vehicles, 20 incidents of anti social behaviour, over 30 letters in respect of this sent to parents, and 90% of these caused by Haslington youngsters.

Over 30 letters had been sent after the recent speed watch and tickets had been issued.

PCSO Hubbard had delivered letters to residents in Repton Drive and properties adjacent to the Gutterscroft Playing Field informing them of the Community Action Meeting.  Residents in Repton Drive had taken the opportunity to voice concerns at this meeting but unfortunately residents adjacent to the Gutterscroft had not attended.

Consideration was being given to forming a Youth Club and PC Moore had taken this on board.

Alcohol Free Zone signs were being erected throughout the villages.

The Chairman reported that she had been to see Reverend Ann and that the proposed date for the Civic Service was the 4th Sunday in September and would begin at 4.30pm.

There was a problem with dogs being exercised on the Gutterscroft Playing Field although there are signs at both entrances informing that “No Dogs are Allowed”.  Not only do people ignore these signs but exercise their dogs, allow them to foul the play area and do not pick the dog excreta up.  This excreta is a health hazard to children and is just as much a danger as broken glass etc.

The wild fowl on Winterley Pool seem to be diminishing in numbers, there is only one pair of swans and there do not appear to be as many ducks, coots etc on the Pool. Please keep an eye on this situation.

The Citizens Advice Bureau Outreach Service will be back on the Village Green from 7 April.  Notices have been placed on the Notice boards with this information.

Councillor Hammond reported that the vandalised changing facilities on the Clay Lane Playing field are to be removed.  28 days notice has been given for the owners to remove them or repair the structure, as in their present state they are being used for illegal purposes.

Although the Chairman had e-mailed Simon Boon from Cheshire County Council regarding the poor state of the end of the parking area on Brook Terrace she had not had reply. This was left in a disgusting state when the traffic calming took place in the village over 12 months ago and although the County Council had been contacted no remedial action had been taken.

The Post Office was to be contacted regarding the post box outside the old Winterley Post Office.  A request was made that it be re-sited by the telephone kiosk in the interests of road safety. 

The bush shelters in Winterley had had the timetables of buses taken down and the Clerk was asked to write to the appropriate authority asking that the timetables be placed in suitable frames.

D Farrell – Chairman