Parish Council Meeting Notes – May 2011

At the recent election the following councillors were returned to serve on Haslington Parish Council:

Councillors, A Casey, W Herriman, G A Wood, Ms S Gorman, J Hammond, R Hovey Mrs A Bloor, Mrs Y Bushill, Miss L Allen, A Peake, R Thorley, Mrs D Farrall,

K Lightfoot and S Mottram

Councillor Alan Casey was elected as Chairman and Councillor R Hovey was elected as Vice Chairman, both these positions were obtained by voting, by councillors.

Councillor A Casey invited the two new councillors, K Lightfoot and S Mottram to introduce themselves to councillors and give a brief resume of their involvement with the Parish.

Members to the various committees of the Parish Council were nominated at the meeting

PC Nick Moore reported on criminal activity during the last month. Various incidents of theft and assault were reported as were a spate of damage to cars i.e. knocking wing mirrors off.   The lads responsible for the damage to cars incident were known to the police who were working towards conviction.

Councillor Hammond reported that the road between Primrose Avenue and Crewe Road would be closed from the Roseberry Way area for resurfacing in June. 

A Public Meeting regarding the plans for development by the Princes Foundation in the Crewe Green area would be held in Crewe Green Church on Monday 13 June beginning at 7pm. All are invited to see the plans for development in the area adjoining Haslington Parish.

Traffic calming with Smiley Sam was continuing in the Parish but PC Moore stated that the area of Primrose Avenue only had 2% of vehicles over the speed limit when the survey was carried out last month.

People to take part in The Community Speed Watch are urgently needed as the Speed Watch now had no members from Haslington Parish. PC Moore reported that in Weston this had proved to be invaluable in cutting down the speed of vehicles through the village.  He urgently needs volunteers to make the Speed Watch up and running again.  Anyone interested in getting involved in this should contact PC Moore at Crewe Police Station.

Councillor D Farrall