Parish Council Chairmans Report – 2009/2010

Cheshire East

We have seen the transition of power from Cheshire County to Cheshire East Council during this year; although at times this seems to be followed by teething problems. One such matter being the sale of the land at the rear of Shelburne Drive which resulted in the Parish having to buy this at auction. We have nearly completed the transition of this land into Parish control along with the other sections adjoining and further towards Primrose Ave. Thanks must be given to Councillors John Hammond and Richard Hovey in their tireless work on this project. The other areas of land not registered in Haslington will be reviewed. Cheshire East will not maintain land that is not in its ownership & all maintenance on these areas will cease after April.

 Police Matters

Pc Moore has again done a sterling job monitoring crime, anti-social behaviour and vandalism in the village and we appreciate his dedication in helping us to keep this to a minimum.

 Crewe Green Project

Prince’s Foundation Housing Project is still in the design stage. Consultation continues between their design team and Cheshire East Planning Dept.

Village Fun Day

This coming Saturday is the Village Fun Day and I am sure it will prove as popular as ever and at this point would like to thank Lee for once again organising this event for us.

Carol Service

In December we had our Annual Carol service and despite freezing temperatures it was well attended. Thanks to Councillor Hammond for admirably hosting this enjoyable evening.

 Roads and Pavements

Unfortunately due to the severe weather this winter the condition of the pot holes and general road and paving surfaces have greatly deteriorated.  Funding is short and repairs are taking longer than normal.

 Walking for Health

Walking for Health has turned out to be an outstanding success and again we thank Councillors Chris Betts and Alan Casey for their organisation of these walks.

The village website ( has also turned into a very valuable communication tool for the community with links to social events around the village. Thanks again to Alan Casey for managing this amenity.

Britain in Bloom

We entered the N.W. Britain in Bloom competition again this year but unfortunately received no awards. However the Parish Best Kept Garden Awards in September had a very high attendance and was as ever very successful. Thanks must be given to Councillor Doris Farrall for all the work involved with the judging and awards.

 Youth Bus

The Youth Bus services commenced again during the year we await to see how successful this will be.


Allotments came along as an issue this year. Councillor Hammond tried for funding from Cheshire East Council to buy land in Bradley Hall Road however this was not forthcoming due to restrictions on finance.

Councillor Richard Hovey

My thanks go especially to Councillor Hovey who during the year has dealt with a great number of planning applications on our behalf as Chairman of Planning and also as Chairman of Finance kept control of our finances. Your commitment and hard work is greatly appreciated by both myself and members of the Council.

Councillor W Herriman – Chairman

May 2010