Parish Council AGM Notes & Chairman’s Report – May 2012

Prior to the monthly meeting the Parish Council held their AGM.

This was sparsely attended but residents from Winterley voiced their concerns over the speeding traffic through their village.

A positive outcome from this was a volunteer for the speedwatch campaign.  Volunteers for speedwatch are urgently needed and anyone who thinks they can help this project are advised to ring PC Nick Moore on 0845 4586370 or contact him on or Geoff Beadle on

Concern was also expressed about the speed of vehicles using The Dingle and Clay Lane.

Cllr D Farrall

Chairman’s Report for 2011/2012:

Police Matters

Crime in the area has remained at a relatively low level during the year and the Parish Council are grateful to PC Nick Moore for his support and cooperation in maintaining law and order in our community.

Speeding Vehicles

Speeding continues to be a problem throughout the Parish. Efforts to establish a volunteer speedwatch team have so far been unsuccessful and alternative ways to deal with speeding are currently being investigated. Advice is being sought from Goostrey Parish Council who have gained experience through the successful implementation of several speed control measures.

Land Transfers

Work has continued to secure ownership of open areas of land for the Parish. A detailed assessment of all the open spaces which are proposed to be transferred to Haslington PC has been submitted to Cheshire East by Cllr Hovey for transfer under devolvement plans.

A section of Waterloo Road Car Park which was identified as unregistered has been adopted by Cheshire East Council following a request from Haslington PC.

Road & Pavement Maintenance

Roads and pavements are showing significant signs of deterioration with large potholes now present on many roads. Repeated requests have been made to Cheshire East to carry out repairs. A Cheshire East highways officer has visited and been shown the problems but the situation continues to decline.

Flowerbeds, Gardens and Conservation

The gardens and flowerbeds in the Parish are a delight to behold and this was recognised by the North West in Bloom judges when they awarded silver medals to Haslington and Winterley. Of course many people have contributed to this success but special thanks are due to Cllr D Farrall and Ex-Cllr C Betts for their work in organising the judging and also for organising the Parish Council annual Best Kept Garden competition.

On a similar theme the Red Cross Flower and Vegetable show is an important part of our community life and thanks are due to Cllr Peak for his part in organising this event.

But the most notable achievement was the Haslington Conservation Volunteers being awarded the North West in Bloom top award, The Pinnacle PSG Trophy for Conservation and the Environment, for their excellent work around the Parish.

Asset Improvements

A public toilet is currently under construction in the centre of Haslington which will soon be available for the benefit of the community. This is funded by the Parish Council but our thanks go to Cllr Allen and the Food For Thought Bakery for their generous help in providing the amenity.

Other improvements over the year include a new kitchen for the well-used Gutterscroft Community hall, new notice boards throughout the Parish and repair work on the Haslington War Memorial.

Community Resilience Programme

At the request of Cheshire East Council, work has proceeded in an endeavour to prepare a functional plan to address risks and identify local support for assistance in the event of a major emergency or serious incident. Cllr. Lightfoot is our coordinator for this programme.

Planning Consultations & Developments

Cllr Hovey has continued to provide excellent support as Chairman of Planning. His extensive investigations into planning applications within the Parish provide valuable guidance for the Council.

A housing development being proposed by The Duchy of Lancaster has caused major concerns as the development would lie within the Green Gap area between Haslington and Crewe. The vast majority of local people who visited an exhibition in June to show the plans raised objections to the proposals. Planning approval for this development would not be supported by Haslington PC.

Ward Meeting

We were pleased to meet Cheshire East Cabinet member Michael Jones during his ward visit to Haslington in December. The visit provided a good opportunity for Cllr Jones to see and understand some of the village and countryside problems in and around Haslington where we need Cheshire East support. The meeting was very positive and we look forward to a return visit later in the year.


Several local people have applied to the Parish Council for the provision of allotments. So far it has not been possible to find any suitable land either available or being offered by local landowners to meet these requests and it will probably be necessary to seek support from Cheshire East if the requests are to be fulfilled.


Our Parish website, continues to provide a means of publishing Council notes, information, local news and details of forthcoming events. The website had 13,500 visits during the year with an average of 3 pages viewed per visit. The most popular pages are (in most visited order):

  1. The Photo Galleries
  2. Village Facilities (Doctors, Dentist etc.)
  3. Activity Schedule (Clubs and associations – things to do)
  4. Education (Schools)
  5. Parish Council Who’s-Who
  6. Haslington History

Annual Events

The Fun Day last June was again one of the main events of the year and thanks are due to Cllr Allen and everyone involved for their hard work in organising this enjoyable and successful occasion in support of local charities. We are looking forward to this year’s event when the Fun Day is being combined with celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The organising committee are working hard to make this extra special with many additional activities including street parties, an evening dance and the involvement of local school children in the design of a commemorative mug.

As always, the annual carol singing around the Christmas tree on the village green provided a most enjoyable evening. Led by Cllr Hammond the festive atmosphere was enhanced by the superb playing of Winterley Band members. A timely light fall of snow along with mince pies and hot drinks in the Red Cross building completed the evening.

The British Legion Remembrance parade continues to be a very well organised event and this year was especially well attended by local community groups and many local people. Thanks are due to Cllr Wood for his important role on the day and to Cllr Peak for his leadership skills in organising the parade. But special thanks are also due to the Winterley Methodist Band members and a number of other local musicians who continue to support memorable occasions in and around the Village.

Cllr A Casey