Parich Council Meeting Notes – March 2017

The following notes were kindly provided by Mrs Doris Farrall:

Before the meeting began councillors were given an update by Jeremy Owen from Cheshire East regarding the Local plan.

A report was given by PCSO Scott Watson on the crime figures in the Parish for the previous month.

He reported 10 crimes including burglary, shop lifting, assault and harassment in Primrose Avenue.  There had been reports of motor bikes being ridden on the Gutterscroft playing field, this is illegal it is a children’s playing field not a race track.

The issue of trees obscuring the street lighting was still a problem in Primrose Avenue and Shelburne Drive.

Potholes in Crewe Road were still an ongoing problem and the Clerk was to write to the Highways Department again regarding these.

The matter regarding Pelican Crossing that had been suggested instead of the flashing beacon on Crewe Road near to the Primary School was still ongoing and would be discussed at the meeting of Cheshire East when they meet in April to discuss financial matters.

The litter pickers who had given their valuable time to keep the village tidy were given vouchers by the Parish Council in appreciation of their work. More litter pickers were needed and anyone interested in helping in this way should contact Councillor Helen Mollart.

A speedwatch gun had been purchased to be used for the Parish Council’s speedwatch volunteers

Messages on the Parish Council Facebook page were proving to be very popular and were being looked at on a regular basis.

Parking at the Dingle School was still a problem with car users not able to use the car park at the Cricket Club at the present time. Tickets had been issued to people who had parked their cars indiscriminately i.e. on double yellow lines and at road junctions. This problem is being monitored closely by the police.

Oakland Avenue is placed on high priority for resurfacing and all councillors agreed this was indeed an urgent priority.

The replacement bus stop in Winterley has not yet been put into place by Winterley Pool.  This is an urgent necessity for the people of that area.

There is to be a meeting regarding the roundabout at Crewe Green. This will take place at Yoxall Village Hall on 1 April 10-3pm.  Anybody wishing to attend this meeting and wishing to put forward their views will be welcome.

There is going to be a roundabout on Sydney Road to alleviate the problems facing traffic leaving Maw Lane.

Councillor Peake told the Parish Council that a defibrillator had been placed on the wall at the Methodist Church in Bradeley Road.  There will be training given re this equipment but if anyone needs to use it please dial 999 and you will be given the code to access the defibrillator inside the box.