Chairman’s Report – Parish Council Annual Meeting, May 2009

Carrying on from last year’s report we still have a problem with drinking on Gutterscroft Playing Field and also dog owners allowing their animals to foul this area.  These dog owners are very inconsiderate and selfish with their attitudes towards the children using the play areas.

PC Nick Moore monitors crime, unacceptable behaviour and vandalism closely and he helps to keep it to the minimum although vandalism to one’s property is serious and not to minimised.

The Parish Plan is nearing completion it just needs an addition concerning the Local Plan from Chairman of Planning.

Brook Terrace parking bay was mentioned in last year’s report and has finally been repaired, this has been ongoing since the traffic calming measures.

The area for the Tip in Clay Lane has not yet been taken out of the Local Waste Plan and Councillor David Brickhill has been asked to attend to this as a matter of urgency.

The play equipment has finally been installed on the Playing Field and feedback is very positive.

The condition of the pavements and roads is still a problem; in fact it seems to be worse than ever.  The Parish Council do write on a monthly basis to the relevant authorities imploring action be taken to alleviate these problems but seemingly to no avail.

The Village Fun Day is on Saturday 16 May on the Village Green and Councillor Lee Allen is thanked for her unstinting efforts in organising this popular event.

Haslington Parish won an award in the North West in Bloom competition and Councillor Alan Casey went to Liverpool to receive it on behalf of the Parish Council. 

The Best Kept Garden awards were held in September and this event seems to get bigger and better each year.

The Chairman of Planning deals with a great number of planning applications throughout the year and he gives fair and unbiased replies to all planning submissions.

The matter of White Moss Quarry was dealt with over a good time span and as mentioned above the reply to the planning application was unbiased and fair.

Chairman of Finance keeps a keen eye on finance and keeps us out of the red.

The bid for finance towards Tennis Courts in Clay Lane was unsuccessful from the Town and Parish Council fund but Councillor Hammond is still involved to try to bring this facility to the village.

Various donations were made to voluntary groups throughout the village during the past year. Haslington Parish Council are very happy to give support to people who run these organisation on a voluntary basis and provide the young people with an interest outside “Gameboys”!

Cheshire East Councillor David Brown has been asked to give his support to moving Haslington from Crewe and Nantwich area to Sandbach and Congleton in LAP, although the sticking point is keeping our excellent Community Policing if we move areas.

The Princes Trust is planning to build a new village at Crewe Green, which will move into the Green Gap; this is a very worrying trend and one to keep an eye on.  The Green Gap between Crewe Green, Haslington, Winterley and Wheelock is very precious to residents in these villages.

The first Ecumenical Service held on Good Friday on the Village Green was very well received and I am sure this will get more popular as people get to know about it.

The Walking for Health that takes place on a Tuesdays is very popular.  Walks start from Waterloo Road car park at 1.30pm and an additional Wednesday evening walk takes place in the summer.  The Wednesday walks starts at 7pm. Councillor Chris Betts and Councillor Alan Casey must be thanked for their excellent organisation on these walks.  All the events taking place in the village can be viewed on the website .  This is very kindly managed by Councillor Alan Casey and we are very grateful for his interest in maintaining the website.