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Where’s My Green Bin?

If you are wondering what has happened to your green bin or how recycling is changing, details of Cheshire East’s new two bin recycling system can be found here .

(Once your green bin has been removed you can put all grades of paper in your ‘sorted in one’ silver recycling bin, along with the other materials you are currently able to recycle.)

You will soon receive an information booklet  through your door giving full details of the enhanced silver bin service.  

Please continue to use your Silver, black and brown as normal until then.


  1. kenneth rushton
    kenneth rushton 13 July 2011

    I still have my green bin when were they collected and how do I get mine removed.

    45 chatham way , haslington,

  2. Alan Casey
    Alan Casey 17 July 2011

    If you contact Cheshire East Waste and Recycling on 0300 123 5011 you should be able to arrange for them to collect your green bin.

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