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  1. Howard Blake
    Howard Blake 9 October 2012

    I have concerns re the land and possible flooding as I have seen it flooded in the past . My other concern is that most residents in Vicarage Road and Cartwright Road have to park there vehicles on the road and this is going to cause traffic issues for the local residents .

  2. Karen Hough
    Karen Hough 11 October 2012

    I used to live on Vicarage Road, the second house on the left hand side of the photo and left around 2001. I am appalled that greedy developers want to build houses on the field shown in the photo.

    During my time at Vicarage, the field was used purely for horses which the children loved. During the summer, the children played football, cricket, any type of sport/game, along Vicarage Road without coming to any harm and more importantly, the parents knew where their children were.

    Yellow lines along Vicarage and Cartwright Road!!!!! .Can someone please tell me where the residents of those two Roads who have no driveway are supposed to park their vehicles. On the main road? On Repton Drive??

    Surely there must be other areas which this developer could build on, one that doesn’t intrude on residents in a way that the whole village complains.

    Vicarage Road is a cul-de-sac and should remain that way.

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