Strategic Plan for Haslington – Record Your Views by 26th Feb

Consultation on the Draft Cheshire East Local Plan

Cheshire East Council have published their latest Draft Local Plan (see here) and Haslington Parish Council offer the following advice to assist residents in making comments:

There are 40 draft policies that Cheshire East Council have published for consultation as part of the new Local Plan process, residents have until 26th February 2013 to record their views.  These policies will help control where new development should take place and how to minimise their impact on the environment, promote employment etc.  The documents also indicate certain strategic sites i.e. large development sites such as the villages on the Duchy of Lancaster Estate that could provide 1000’s of new homes in the open countryside.

Three Key Issues for Haslington Parish:

1) Need to retain the protection of the old Green Gap policy to prevent Crewe merging with the surrounding rural villages.

Please support the new Strategic Open Gap policy CS5

 2) Winterley should not be considered a Sustainable Village, the plan allocates 2000 houses to be spread between sustainable villages in Cheshire East.  Winterley is not sustainable and residents have stated that they do not want this to change.  Sustainability considers for example how far it is to a Post Office, shops, schools and medical facilities.

Please Comment on policy CS2, requesting Winterley be removed from the list of sustainable villages

 3) Oakhanger should not have to suffer the consequences of the proposed Villages A and B on the Duchy of Lancaster Estate between Crewe Green and the M6 J16.  The main road through Oakhanger is already too congested and the communities along the road between Alsager and Crewe Green should not have to suffer worsening conditions that are likely to come from developing new villages with 2000 new houses.

Please object to Strategic Sites New Settlement 2 in South East Crewe.

Residents are asked to respond to Cheshire East via email to localplan@cheshire or in writing to Cheshire East, but to have most impact they should be recorded via the Local Plan consultation website which allows comments to be made against each relevant draft policy (This is what Haslington Parish Council has done.)

Please ensure that all communications are forwarded to Cheshire East by 26th February 2013

Further notes are available here