Stage 2 Questionnaire

Haslington Neighbourhood Plan Stage 2 Questionnaire

This is an opportunity to shape the future of the three communities of Haslington, Oakhanger and Winterley (HOW) which comprise Haslington Parish.

Do you want to influence their future?

Then share your vision for Haslington Parish – Decide what our environment will look like over the next 20 years.

A Neighbourhood Plan can do all these things and now is the time to influence it.

So far residents have had an opportunity to feed their issues and concerns into the Haslington Neighbourhood Plan process through an initial questionnaire and the Haslington Village Fun Day back in May 2016.  Thank you for your help so far.  Residents have been able to tell us what they would like to protect and nurture in the three communities, what they would like to be changed and an indication of priorities.

The 56 questions cover six themes based on the earlier responses from residents and businesses and are designed to confirm the views of our communities in a way that can then be used to generate policies for a Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of Haslington Parish.

There is also a housing needs survey to help document the need for housing in the three communities and what sort of housing that needs to be, in terms of size, location type of occupation, for example as an owner or tenant.

Please consider the following questions about how Haslington, Oakhanger and Winterley could develop up to 2030.  There are no right and wrong answers, you are not expected to give positive answers to all the questions.

To have your say simply answer the questions either on-line or return your completed form that will be delivered to each house in Haslington, Oakhanger and Winterley.  It would be helpful if you could answer on-line as we will have to type in all the paper responses.

The survey is for Haslington, Winterley and Oakhanger residents only

Please complete both questionnaires Q1 and Q2 below. After completing Q1 you will need to return to this page in order to follow the link to Q2:

Q1 please click here: Haslington Neighbourhood Plan Stage 2 (Opens in a new tab)

Q2 please click here: Haslington Housing Needs Survey (Opens in another new tab)


Please return / complete by Monday 19th June 2017

Every individual resident is welcome to submit their comments [not limited to one per household.]

Thank you for your help.

(The Haslington Neighbourhood Plan project group.)