Road to Alsager (B5077) – Closure Details UPDATED 05/11/15

Cheshire East Highways have again issued further revised details

B5077 Total Road Enhancement improvements – Weekly update

Works have started to improve sections of the B5077 and we will be on site until November 6. We understand that there is no right time to close such a key route as the B5077 and this scheme has been carefully planned to minimise disruption to local residents and members of the travelling public.

What is happening?

This scheme will see the B5077 benefit from 14,000sq metres of resurfacing with road markings also being replaced. Our approach to total road enhancement will mean that whilst we’re here, we will undertake maintenance activities such as gully cleansing, sign cleaning, street lighting maintenance and grass verge maintenance. The aim of this is to address as many highways issues along this stretch of road within the closure to minimise future visits which mean further closures and therefore disruption to residents.

30 October – 4 November Works Update

Our total road enhancement checklist (attached) details works activities completed and ongoing as we enter the final week of our works. Thank you for your patience whilst we have worked to improve the B5077.

Works remain on programme in line with the planned end date of Friday 6 November. Most resurfacing has been completed and our efforts are now concentrated on the final phase of maintenance works from Radway Green traffic signals junction and Crewe Green church. Activities to be completed along this stretch include:

  •  Carriageway patching – ongoing until Friday
  • Replacement of lining – ongoing until Friday
  • Bulk clean and change of street lighting – Thursday
  • Vegetation cutting around signs – Thursday and Friday
  • Installation of speed enforcement camera signs – Thursday
  • Sign maintenance works (cleaning, straightening and replacement, where required) – ongoing until Friday
  • Footway improvement works (from Crewe Green church for 300metres) – Thursday and Friday
  • Ironwork improvements – ongoing until Friday

To allow for these works to take place safely, the B5077 will be closed to through traffic between Radway Green traffic signals and Crewe Green church. Traffic for Alsager will be diverted via the A5020, A500 and A34.

We are also working this week to finish edging and siding out on both sides of the B5078 in the vicinity of the Radway Green Business Centre. Due to the proximity of these works to the railway line, and our absolute priority to keep our workforce safe, some of these works will require approval from Network Rail. We are working with Network Rail to coordinate this to ensure the works can be undertaken in the safest way possible. Therefore, edging and siding out within 100metres of the railway line will be undertaken at a later date.

Our traffic marshalls on site are working to ensure that disruption to local residents and motorists is minimised.

Information for residents

· We are working to bring major, much-needed improvement to this key route for local communities and whilst we do this, our working hours are limited to 9:30am – 3:30pm each day to allow for uninterrupted journeys during the peak hours

· For those that live along this road, access to properties can be arranged around our works and access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times

· Our traffic marshalls are also stationed at each closure point and are happy to help with any queries that motorists may have.
More information

Keep up to date with the latest developments from site via the @CECHighways twitter account and also through our dedicated web page for the scheme Any queries can also be directed to our Customer Contact Centre at 0300 123 5020.

Kind Regards

Cheshire East Highways

Katie Lennie
Communications Officer | Cheshire East Highways

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