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Public Transport in Haslington – Could it be Improved?

Cheshire East & West Councils have a shared integrated transport service which has a major role in the provision of passenger services including financial support to bus companies, publicity, timetables at bus stops and managing special services for pupils and students.

They are currently reviewing the transport network routes and branches in our area to update them and try to make them more suitable for our current needs.

The Parish Council has been asked to provide comments or suggestions for improvements to assist the review team in ensuring the best use is made of the resources available.

If anyone has any constructive ideas to help in this review, such as improvements to bus routes or timetables, please insert them below or email to: before 26th June 2009.


  1. Pat Herring
    Pat Herring 10 July 2009

    You ask for comments before 26 June 2009 – I am sorry but I have only just accessed your website – hope I am not too late. Please could buses which go through Haslington be “pushchair& wheelchair” friendly. At the moment its only the 20 bus Hanley to Crewe which has this facility.

  2. Alan Casey
    Alan Casey 12 July 2009

    Deadline was missed, but above is an important issue and I have passed it onto the review team anyway.

    Below are the other comments received through this website which were submitted at end June:

    1. The three buses going through Haslington to and from the Sandbach direction are the D1, followed about 6 minutes later by the Macclesfield, then there’s a half an hour gap before the Winsford bus. Could it be better spaced – every 20mins?

    2. There is supposed to be a move to more accessible public transport for wheelchair users. At the moment it is very hit and miss. A lot of the buses are very old and not adapted for wheelchairs.

    3. The FIRST service from Hanley through Haslington (Fox Corner and Oakland Avenue) going via Nantwich Road and Crewe bus station and on to Leighton Hospital has been reduced. It was every 20 minutes. Now there is either a 20 minute or a 40 minute interval. Several people have been complaining about this, particularly about when they need to get to the hospital for an appointment. Buses are often packed, too, so the service is well used.

    4. It has been mentioned many times – Crewe bus station! Still in a disgusting state even following a press campaign. I don’t how long we have to wait for the new development but something should be done now to make it a pleasanter place to be.

    5. A difficult one because of traffic holdups but services don’t seem to be coordinated, eg the bus to Chester leaves, almost always, just after the bus from Haslington arrives at the bus station.

  3. Graham Barlow (The Harrier)
    Graham Barlow (The Harrier) 13 September 2009

    As operator of service D1, known better by most as The Harrier, here is a, somewhat-belated, response to Alan’s post (as I have only just read it).

    1. Bus companies generally would love to co-operate to offer regular-interval services. Competition law, however, obstructs them from doing this, for fear that so doing will make it harder for a new entrant to come into the market, thus creating a duopoly, triopoly etc. The theory goes that the imcumbent operators could then agree to increase fares excessively to the detriment of the travelling public. So any co-operation on fares also falls foul of competition law. The industry considers all this to represent a ludicrous situation, and moves are afoot to have common sense prevail.But the wheels of government turn very slowly, and transport is low in the pecking order of its priorities.

    2. The Crewe-Sandbach corridor has not, hitherto, been designated a Quality Partnership. A QP is an arrangement whereby (amonst other things) the bus operators agree to use easy-access low-floor buses, and the council put in raised kerbs for ease of boarding. Locals will have noticed these kerbs being installed in recent weeks. It can be assumed that Arriva will be introducing low-floor buses on all its 37 or 38 services, or both. From 26 October 2009 operation of The Harrier will be taken over by “bakerbus” (part of Bakers Coaches of Biddulph) and a low-floor bus will then be used on that service.

    3. The decision of First to terminate one of the thrice-hourly Hanley-Crewe services at Alsager, and thus create gaps of a 20 minutes then 40 minutes can only be taken in the context of other service reductions across their Potteries network. They have used the recession as an excuse to trim costs with no regard to their customers’ inconvenience. This was a BAD move, and I can only join Alan in condeming it.

    4. The problem with Crewe Bus Station stems from the fact that it is owned by Arriva, not the council. They charge other operators 74p per departure for using it. So it is seen as a ‘cash cow’ not a public service. If you count the departures of First, D & G, Via Travel and The Harrier you will compute that Arriva’s annual revenue from owning the Bus Station runs into tens of thousands of pounds, yet only a fraction of this is spent on maintainence. Regretably, the recession and the collapse of Modus have probably put paid to the town centre redevelopment, of which a new bus station was a part, for many many years. Under the plan, the new bus station would have been paid for by the developer, then operated by the council, which would recover it’s costs from bus operators pro-rata to their numbers of departures. When you travel the country and see a great, passenger-friendly bus station (have a look at Lancaster if you are ever in the area) this is how it operates.

    5. It is nigh impossible to co-ordinate arrivals and departures so that every passenger on every incoming bus can make a connection to their chosen outgoing bus at the Bus Station, even leaving aside the Competition law that would preclude such co-operation between operators. There are simply too many services, operating on different headways (every 20 minutes, half hourly, hourly) for that to work. Co-ordinate Haslington-Crewe services with Crewe-Chester and someone in Chester will complain that the bus from Crewe now gets in just after their local bus to (wherever) departs! But avoiding missing the Nantwich/Chester connection is simple: Instead of going into the Bus Station, get off on Nantwich Road (just through Mill Street lights) and walk one stop in the Nantwich direction across the Edleston Road lights – you will then catch the 83/84 that you would have otherwise missed. When homeward-bound, get off the Chester/Nantwich bus on Edleston Road (first stop, outside the barbers) then walk round the corner to the stop outside The Brunswick to avoid missing the next Haslington bus.

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