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Police Surgeries – Contacting Your Local Police

PC Nick Moore holds regular surgeries every month prior to the Parish Council meetings. If you have any concerns regarding unruly or unsociable behaviour or criminal incidents this is a good opportunity to discuss them with Nick. After all, if the Police are not aware of your concerns it is unlikely that they will be able to help you. Please use this service. Further details and how to contact the local Police and PCSOs can be found here.


  1. stuart rose
    stuart rose 26 March 2010

    prevent road accidents bald tyres kill. Renault –
    bald front near side tyre for over 4 weeks now
    how many times does this need reporting
    often parks during the day near to 60 waterloo road
    near the bungalows

  2. Alan Casey
    Alan Casey 28 March 2010

    The above has now been reported to PC Nick Moore who has dealt with the matter.

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