Old Jug Inscribed: M Latham, Fox Inn Haslington

Chris Large at Peter Wilson’s in Nantwich has provided these photographs of a 19th century jug carrying the inscription “M Latham, Fox Inn Haslington”.

The Tithe map for Haslington (1836-51) shows the land where the Fox pub currently stands to be owned by a John Latham with a house, gardens and other buildings on the land occupied by a Matthew Latham. Is this the M Latham referred to on the jug? Where exactly was the original Fox Inn located? Can anyone help solve these mysteries?

The jug will be included in Peter Wilson’s sale on 16th March 2016 (Peter Wilson Fine Art Auctioneers LLP, Market Street, Nantwich. 01270 623878/www.peterwilson.co.uk)