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New Vehicle Restriction Outside the “One-Stop” Store

Due to the potentially dangerous junction of Fields Road with Crewe Road Haslington, especially regarding the poor visibility for vehicles exiting Fields Road when cars or other vehicles are parked outside the “One-Stop” convenience store, Cheshire East Council have now implemented new road markings to improve the safety at the junction.

The effect of the new markings means that vehicles parked in that area will be deemed to be causing an obstruction, and Cheshire Police may issue a fixed penalty notices to the drivers. Our local Police Constable, Nick Moore, is arranging for the following sign to be displayed in the store to advise drivers of the new restriction:

Police Notice


  1. Alan
    Alan 18 November 2014

    Can one assume that the same will happen outside the bakery as vehicles exiting Bradeley Road have exactly the same problem when vehicles are parked outside the bakery which seems to be constantly.

    LETLEY 19 November 2014


  3. mitts
    mitts 7 December 2014

    Agree about the bakery parking. Sometimes you can’t walk passed the hedge because cars are parked on the pavement in front of the notice board.

    Also there needs to be a Police notice by the ATM of the One-Stop as drivers are parking along side, going to the ATM and not seeing the notice on the door (although they should know better not to park so close to a junction).

  4. Emma
    Emma 19 December 2014

    I just hope they actually enforce this and do give penalties out. There are 2 car parks right next to that shop and people are so lazy by not using them. The signs need to be bigger, perhaps A3 size and there need to be more of them. Only last night when I came out past the Cosey there were 3 cars parked on the road outside the shop so people are obviously not taking any notice of the signs at the moment.

  5. Stephen
    Stephen 6 January 2015

    Well, from the date that this page was posted, 18th November 2014, it seems as though the notice has had no effect at all, as I use that junction all the time and there are no end of cars / vans parked outside the one stop.

    Without a physical presence there, or some means of picture taking as proof of infringement, then the notice and the double yellows lines are as a good a use as a chocolate fire guard.

    The ideal thing to do would to be to have a barrier, or widen the road, so you either stop or allow people to park there.

  6. Alan
    Alan 6 January 2015

    I didn’t really expect any change as all these notices are never followed up, all hot air as usual.
    I went past and there were three cars outside one-stop but beaten by the worse hot spot outside the bakery. Three cars, two vans allegedly loading/unloading and a large van parked right on the corner of Bradeley blocking one side completely. I suspect unfortunately that unless there is an accident nothing will be done to improve matters.

  7. Stephen
    Stephen 24 April 2015

    Does anyone actually take any notice of what’s typed here ?

    Or do people just do the necessary so that they are seen to be doing what is required of them.

    I mean, the notice is still in the window of the one stop, people are still parking there – why bother.

    Is it not to hard for mr policeman to stand around and give a few tickets out now and again, and in doing so this may reduce the parking situation, as until something is done nothing will change, and it will only be when some accident happens that something will be done.

    As for the bakery and the one stop – they probably don’t mind as they want / need the business – so they won’t want to stop people parking there.

    Anyway another waste of 5 mins typing – until next time.

    Adios Amigos.

  8. Alex Lifeson
    Alex Lifeson 23 May 2015

    I can’t believe how lazy some people are parking outside of the one-stop on the main road. Unbelievable it’s so close to two big car parks which are never totally full.

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