Mobile Library Routes Review – An Update

The following update (see previous post here) has been received from Cheshire East:

The review proposed that mobile library stops would be reviewed against the following criteria:

  • 2 miles or more from a static library
  • 1 stop only for each community
  • ‘Safe’ stops based on a Health & Safety risk assessment
  • Sufficient demand in the community
  • Longer stops where there is high demand

The review also proposed that we operate the service on a three week timetable with one vehicle, rather than the current two week timetable with three vehicles.

The consultation with existing Mobile users has now been completed and customers have been generally very positive and accepting of the changes.   The majority of communities will continue to receive a visit from the Mobile.  Some of the changes that have been made to the original proposal following the customer feedback are:

·         We have increased the number of stops to 2 at Audlem, Haslington, Shavington and Wistaston in view of comments that these communities are of a size to require more than 1 stop.

·         We have agreed to keep stops in 16 communities where the proposal was to remove them.  This followed a challenge that they are more than 2 miles from a static library by road or public transport.

·         We have added a new stop in Adlington in light of feedback from the community.

The following changes to the service will be made in line with the original proposal:

·         2 stops will be removed because we received no feedback from customers and the Mobile Staff confirmed that they are no longer used.

·         1 stop will be removed because it is outside Cheshire East

·         24 remaining stops that will be removed are all within 2 miles of a static library and 13 are actually in the same town/village as a static library.  The remaining 11 communities that are losing their stop are, Acton, Bradwall, Gresty, , Kerridge, Lacey Green, Pott Shrigley, Rode Heath, Sandbach Heath, Sydney, Tytherington, Wheelock and Wistaston Green.  Elderly or housebound customers affected by the removal of these stops will be offered the Books on Wheels housebound library service.

We will review the new routes over the first few weeks and be flexible to accommodate changes in response to further customer feedback.

Customers are all being informed of the new routes and timetables and they will also appear on our website.  Books will initially be issued for 6 weeks to allow for changes to routes and the loan period will then be for 3 weeks in line with the 3 weekly Mobile visit and that of static libraries.  Customers may borrow up to 20 items each.

Lynda Cotterill

Community Libraries Manager
Crewe Library