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Land Needed in Haslington for Allotments or Garden Sharing

Land For Allotments

There are a number of people in Haslington who would very much like the to have an allotment in order to grow vegitables etc., but currently the Parish Council have been unable to find suitable and available land. Please contact the website (here) if you have land that could be made available and would like to discuss this further with the Parish Council.

Garden Sharing

If you would be happy to share your garden, or part of a garden area, with someone under a private arrangement the Parish Council would like to help and would, if possible, assist in putting you in touch with interested parties. (Contact here)


  1. R Waldron
    R Waldron 14 March 2010

    1908 Smallholdings and Allotment Act (still current)
    Powers of Councils in relation to the provision of allotments – Acquisitionof land for purpose of Act-
    parish councils may make compulsory purchase of land.

    Why isn’t Haslington Parish Council actively looking for a suitable parcel of land in Haslington to provide villagers with allotments when they have the powers to make a compulsory purchase?

  2. Jean Crocker
    Jean Crocker 31 March 2010

    We have a plot of land on the edge of the Haslington. It measures some 50m by an average of 14m. It has mature fruit trees on it, plum and apple and although it hasn’t been used for some time, it has always been used for veg growing since the 1940’s. It doesn’t have water onsite, but collection should not be a problem, possibly by creating a pond. Anyone interested in entering into a private arrangement can contact us on 581194 or at this email address:

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