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Housing Development Applications

A further housing development application has been submitted to Cheshire East Council. This one relates to 14 residences on land adjacent to “Sandycroft” between Haslington and Winterley. The last date for comments is 29th January 2014. Further details can be found on the Cheshire East website here:

Details of other development applications in the Haslington and Winterley areas and contact details for local action groups can be found here:

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  1. Katie Eden
    Katie Eden 14 January 2014

    The planning application has been submitted for the land next to The Dingle school and the blue notice posted. I feel that the wording on the blue notice is vague at best, if not very misleading as it says “land located to the east of the Dingle and South of Clay Lane”, not once is it mentioned that it is the land adjacent to the The Dingle Primary school. Comments to be submitted to the council by 12th Feb 2014.

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