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Haslington Villa Memories – 1950/51

Last updated on 12 July 2016

The photo below of Haslington Villa Football Team has been sent in by Darren Roberts who’s father Eric Roberts is the goalkeeper in the picture. Eric is now 91 years old and would love to hear about any of his team mates or anyone else connected with Haslington Villa around that time.

Eric remembers the following:

  • The trainer was a Mr Davey and his son Ron Davey played right back
  • Mr Wright (bottom right in the photo) was the farmer who allowed the team to play on his field.
  • Mr Bashford middle row on the end right was Reg Bashford’s dad (left back)
  • Mr Butler back row top was on the committee as was Mr Barnet in the middle on the back row.
  • The trophy shown is the Crewe and district shield won in the year shown on the ball 1950-51.

If anyone has a memory to share with Eric, please leave a comment below or email me at and I will pass the details to Darren for his father to see.

(If you click on the images you should see larger versions)

image (1)image

One Comment

  1. Miek Basford
    Miek Basford 26 July 2016


    My dad (Reg Basford) remembers ‘Pudgey’ very well. Thinks the ‘?’ on the team sheet was Freddie Palin.

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