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Haslington Tackles Dog Fouling Issues


Following the attendance of a local resident Mr Richard Robinson at a recent meeting of Haslington Parish Council, the Parish Council asked for the support of Cheshire East Councillor John Hammond to help initiate an action campaign with assistance from the Borough Council to target dog fouling and irresponsible dog owners.  The health hazards of dogs being allowed to foul the village pavements particularly a section of Crewe Road in the centre of the village and The Gutterscroft community playing fields were raised as specific areas of concern.

To highlight this issue the parish council in conjunction with Environmental Wardens, PCSO’s and Residents are launching a campaign to try and eradicate the problem by using temporary chalk based paint and stencils to highlight around the offending dog excrement.  By doing this it is hoped that those responsible will recognise their anti-social behaviour and “do the right thing” by cleaning up after their dog.

At the Haslington launch, Mr Keith Davies, Cheshire East Environmental Warden stated that “ Cheshire East wardens support and promote responsible dog ownership through education, enforcement and community events.  I would encourage, all dog walkers in the village to clean up and appropriately dispose of mess from their dogs at all times”.

Mr Richard Hovey, Chairman of Haslington Parish Council, stated “the parish council are fully behind this initiative, and have today provided notices to be fixed onto all our parish notice boards, which include contact details and advice from Cheshire East Dog Wardens”.

Mr Richard Robinson, Haslington resident added, ” I am delighted with the response from the Parish Council following my initial complaint, and really hope that the offending dog owners in the village take the necessary action to stop this anti-social and health threatening behaviour! Please, Pick it Up.”

HaslingtonDogWaste2Photo (Top): Ray Thorley – “Haslington Parish Councilors, Residents, Dog Walkers, PCSO’s and Environmental Wardens on the Haslington Village Green highlighting Dog Excrement with purple chalk spray paint and yellow warning stencil.”


One Comment

  1. Billy
    Billy 5 August 2015

    Hello there, this campaign had about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
    Everywhere that I walk around Haslington, be it on the streets or in the countryside, the problem still exists.
    People should be hit in the pocket to make them realise the seriousness of their actions.
    I walk down the footpath off Gutterscroft and some brain dead individual has been throwing bags of dog muck up into the trees. If I got my hands on the mindless idiot I’d break their fingers.
    Do something real you councillors instead of some half assed attempt at dealing with the problem.

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