Parish Plan Newsletter – December 2007

During the autumn the Working Groups have been very busy preparing their action plans. These are concerned with the areas of: The state of the Gutterscroft Field, play equipment, nature walk by the brook, involvement of residents, housing, activities for young people, activities for mature residents, sporting facilities, information of. community events, youth issues of nuisance, speeding traffic, parking, police audits, safer cycling, finding out about local businesses, setting up a Business Forum, and publicity for businesses.

Meanwhile work concerning grant applications and publication quotes has been continuing. We need to fundraise towards the publication of the booklet. The booklet can then be used to claim for grants to ensure that the projects that residents are concerned about, actually take place.

Andrew Shore has run a successful fundraiser at the Methodist Church hall when photographs of the area were on display and stories were told.

Thank you to The Hawk for providing us with a room for our meetings.