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Haslington Neighbourhood Plan – Update

Last updated on 10 June 2020

  • It was proposed to distribute questionnaires to every household in the three communities and collect them in again using volunteer organisations. With COVID-19 arriving that was clearly no longer safe or practical so that part of the project is on hold.
  • Once the questionnaires are gathered-in, all the data will be entered into spreadsheets and analysed.
  • There has been a very strong lead from the parish council that they wanted a paper-based questionnaire so that all residents get the opportunity to complete one, rather than just those with access to the internet – though an online version would be available. When the online version was published in 2017 only 50 responses were submitted out of a population of more than 6500. That would not be enough to provide evidence to support a neighbourhood plan.
  • HPC have engaged a specialist planning consultant to help, however, the initial meeting with him was just hours before the lockdown.
  • The timeline is likely to be around 18 months from questionnaires to a referendum and adoption of our neighbourhood plan.

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  1. Shena Lewington
    Shena Lewington 8 June 2020

    Just to clarify – the questionnaire referred to above is a completely new one for 2020. It is not a request for comments on the outcome of the 2017 survey. There is no draft Neighbourhood Plan yet, so this is the process starting again from scratch. (The low response rate in 2017 having been insufficient to produce a viable development plan)

    As I understand it, the process now, once the Covid-19 situation has passed, is for:

    a) paper AND online questionnaires to be distributed to all households
    b) a draft NP to be produced
    c) (possibly) an opportunity to respond to the draft version with comments
    d) / e) (not sure of the order) Cheshire East accept the plan as finally worded AND the whole community vote for its adoption in a referendum.
    This whole process might be completed within 18 months …..

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