Haslington Neighbourhood Plan – Update

  • It was proposed to distribute questionnaires to every household in the three communities and collect them in again using volunteer organisations. With COVID-19 arriving that was clearly no longer safe or practical so that part of the project is on hold.
  • Once the questionnaires are gathered-in, all the data will be entered into spreadsheets and analysed.
  • There has been a very strong lead from the parish council that they wanted a paper-based questionnaire so that all residents get the opportunity to complete one, rather than just those with access to the internet – though an online version would be available. When the online version was published in 2017 only 50 responses were submitted out of a population of more than 6500. That would not be enough to provide evidence to support a neighbourhood plan.
  • HPC have engaged a specialist planning consultant to help, however, the initial meeting with him was just hours before the lockdown.
  • The timeline is likely to be around 18 months from questionnaires to a referendum and adoption of our neighbourhood plan.