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Haslington Clean Up Team

Connie Cee has started a clean-up team for Haslington. Well done Connie!

Here is her message regarding their first litter pick:

There will be a litter pick starting at 11am Sunday 7th February on the section of parkland at the junction of The Dingle and Primrose Avenue.The Haslington Parish Council have very kindly offered us the use of grabbers and bags etc all we need now are volunteers to come and help clean up our village. Would you be able to spare an hour helping, or if not on Sunday, then pick up a carrier bag full every so often? It is our village and as such I don’t think anyone wants to see the rubbish accumulating around the place. A very new facebook group has started up called Haslington Clean Up Team if you would like to join us. Thank you so much for any help you are able to offer.


  1. Nicola
    Nicola 13 February 2016

    My family and I have recently moved into the village and I am shocked at the number of people who do not pick up after their dogs!

  2. Mel Oakes
    Mel Oakes 13 January 2017

    I walk most days around the village and take a carrier bag with me to collect people’s litter. Am I the only person who does this, or is there an army of secret litter pickers who would like to join forces?

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