Happy New Year – Welcome 2021

Welcome to 2021  – A New Year and hopefully a return to normality.

Can I welcome those residents who are new or have returned to live in the parish of Haslington.  I hope that you will all have found a welcome, in each of the three settlements that make up our parish.

Whilst 2020 brought us the pain of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it also brought an opportunity for our community to demonstrate its caring side.  Haslington has a long history of supporting others, which have included the Red Cross, the 65 Club and Companions and the Neighbours organisations.  2020 brought a significant new organisation, the  Haslington Support Group was started up by local residents to help others get through the pandemic.  They have been working alongside the many existing community support groups, the GP practice and Pharmacy.

I would like to thank all the essential workers and carers who have helped keep residents fed, healthy, educated and warm, those that brought us our home deliveries and the post, the refuse collectors and construction workers, and not forgetting those that kept us entertained during the lockdowns.  Haslington is lucky to have resourceful small businesses that adapted to the new rules, allowing us to support them so that we will continue to be part of a thriving parish.  

As we look forward to 2021, there will be characters that are missing from the regular calendar of events, let us remember those that we have lost in the past twelve months but let us try to be optimistic about a return to a New Normal during 2021.  The availability of vaccines should within a few months allow us to mix and gather again as a community, until that time please take care and stay safe.

Happy New Year.

Richard G. Hovey

Chair Haslington Parish Council