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Gutterscroft Play Area – Repairs & Refurbishment

As a number of residents will be aware, especially those who have recently visited the Gutterscroft play area, over recent months there have been a number of incidences of vandalism to the play equipment & safety surfaces, the most recent being the destruction of the slide. The Parish Council is currently establishing cost & timescale for work to make the existing equipment safe & ‘presentable’ in the short term i.e. painting, repairs to the safety surfaces & removal of the supports to the American Cage Swing – cage previously removed following damage earlier in the year. With regard to the longer term, the play provision sub-committee of the Parish Council has just submitted its final report, with recommendations for improvement of the Gutterscroft play area, to the Parish Council  who will now consider the appropriate course of action to take.

Councillor Geoff Beadle – Chairman


  1. J Hamblett
    J Hamblett 24 July 2017

    As a Resident near the Gutterscroft Play Park I would like to A) ask why you decided to make it acceptable to allow/encourage Dogs onto a Childrens’ Play Area??? B) to thank you for in so doing have increased the sound of yapping/barking Dogs and their noisy owners from a few times a day to CONSTANTLY!! I have Dogs myself and have never taken them on there. There are TWO perfectly adequate parks without small Children in the vicinity. This is a strange move as this surely must increase the danger to Humans from Dogs fouling! Thanks

  2. Michelle
    Michelle 25 October 2017

    Hi, are you able to share what the reports long term recommendations are? Its probably too late for suggestions but it would be great if the equipment area could be fenced off away from dogs / dog poo. Also more toddler equipment would be greatly welcomed.


  3. Alan Casey
    Alan Casey 25 October 2017

    We are currently awaiting designs and costs from a supplier once these have been received and the PC are happy with the proposals they will be put out to the general public for consultation. There is a plan to look at all kinds of equipment for all ages.
    Geoff Beadle (Chairman HPC)

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