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Congratulations for being BRILLIANT

I have received the following message from Major Retired Alan Woodbridge regarding the party arranged for Andy Haworth by his neighbours and friends:

Subject: Congratulations for being BRILLIANT

Message: Having read the story on the villages response about the
terminally ill gentleman.I would just like to say,You All Deserve Only
the Very Best Life can give you.You are exceptional.

The party was reported in several national newspapers. The Daily Mail report and photographs can be found here: Daily Mail Report on Andy Haworth Party



  1. richard
    richard 1 December 2015

    Yes, well done.
    First we were aware of this was through the press after the event. Can this web site make it’s self more known to Haslington people, then maybe more feedback would be given on local topics, which seems to be in short supply. Just look at the amount of replies to-date, only parking has given any response of note.

  2. Connie Davis
    Connie Davis 8 December 2015

    Thank you for the positive comments regarding the event held for Andy and his family. I arranged this for him and the villagers were magnificent in responding to the request to come and help show Andy that we are all thinking of him and his family at this very difficult time. I was unable to get in touch with all the local organizations mainly because this was literally a spur of the moment thing with time really being of the essence due to Andy’s health situation. It was after 11pm on the Thursday night that I started to think about the plan and who I should contact, and it was all over with by 8.15 on the Sunday evening, barely time to breathe let alone think of who should be contacted etc. By our reckoning there were around 300 residents who attended the event and in all fairness, the requests for help were made on the Friday evening and Saturday via Haslington Village Community Page on facebook and also the other Haslington group. I have posted details of Haslington.Org on the HVCP many times and have tried to direct people to the site but when we do come here, the pages are not kept up to date, here I am on Dec 8th and still reading the events for September through to November. May I suggest that if you kept up to date with events then this would be a far more interesting site to visit. residents want was is currently happening in the village. I was interviewed by several newspapers and BBC Radio Ulster over what happened for Andy and his family, and the general consensus of opinion was that Haslington is the friendliest and kindest village in the country! Not a bad accolade really is it?

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