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Congratulations Dingle Pupils

I have received the following from Jonathan Stratford :


 Having been a professional musician for many years first performing on a multitude of instruments and then teaching primarily the guitar, I’d like to belatedly congratulate the pupils at The Dingle primary school in Haslington who took part in their end of year concert on the 17th July.

The performance was a pleasure to listen to and clearly showed how much enjoyment children get from being involved in the arts in general and music in particular.

I’d also like to thank the school for inviting my two guitar pupils to play at their last opportunity before moving up to secondary school and convey my appreciation to the audience (parents, siblings, other hangers on and fellow pupils alike) for rewarding my guitarists hard work with an overwhelming response to their performance.

Once again, congratulations to all who took part and I hope your concert will inspire more children to learn music.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Stratford (

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