Two Burglaries in Haslington

I have just received the following message from a Haslington resident: 

Message: I just wanted to let you know, so you can pass on the information, that I had my handbag taken from our kitchen by a sneak thief on Sunday evening. He/she got in through the conservatory and crawled through the dining room to the kitchen. I heard a noise and we switched off the sound to the T.V. to listen but assumed it was someone slamming car doors outside and didn’t investigate.

I hope you will be able to put out a warning on the website to prevent others from suffering the same fate.  We have heard from the police that another house nearby was burgled two nights later with the same result.

We have been very impressed with the service we have received from the police who were with us within 30minutes of our initial call and since then we have received support from the local policeman and P.C.S.O. plus crime scene investigator and Victim Support.

We now want to put it behind us and are just grateful that no-one was hurt and no damage done to the house.