Bin Collection – No Calendar?

Cheshire East Council have apologised for the inconvenience to some people in Haslington who have not been issued with up to date calendars for their green bin collections.

If for any reason you you do not have a calendar showing your bin collection days, there are several ways for you to find out when the bins will be emptied.

The simple advice would be to refer to the original calendar and add on 6 weeks (for the green bins), but if residents need confirmation of their next collection they can do do either of the following:

For those residents with access to e-mail, they can contact the Council on and request the information they need. Alternatively, they can call 0300 123 5011 and speak to one of their Service Officers who will be able to help.

(You can obtain a copy of the calendar at the Cheshire East website by following this link: Collection Calendar request form)