Best Kept Garden Awards

Haslington Best Kept Garden Award Ceremony was held in St Matthews Hall on Friday 24th September .

I would just like to mention a few people who helped to make the evening go with a swing.  Thanks to Chris and Anna Betts, Pat Lofkin, Lesley Green (who spent hours of Wednesday writing the certificates but unfortunately was ill and could not attend the actual Awards evening) Yvonne Bushill, Bill and Carol Herriman, Richard Hovey and last but not least Joan Adams.

The evening was a great success, the judges were new and some different gardens received awards this year.  Many people came to me to say thank you, what a great evening they had had and they were pleasantly surprised as they didn’t know this garden competition took place.  Unlike some parish councils, we do not invite entries but go out and assess every garden in the parish.

There are undoubtedly some beautiful gardens in our Parish and the real credit goes to all the people who put so much effort into making their gardens so wonderful.

Below is a list the award winners. Well done everyone.

Doris Farral




Baskets  1st Primrose Avenue Barbara Stevens
   1st Henry Street Ms K Vincent
   2nd Leyland Grove Mr & Mrs Beard
   3rd Portland Grove Mr & Mrs Timperley
  H/C Crewe Road Mr & Mrs Rowley
  H/C Crewe Road Mr & Mrs Woodcock
  H/C Ashley Meadows Mr & Mrs Blackwood
  H/C The Brambles Mr & Mrs Becket
  H/C The Brambles Mr & Mrs Stubbs
  H/C Bradeley Road 117 Bradeley Road  
  H/C Asquith Close Mr & Mrs Dennel
  H/C Ashley Meadows Mr & Mrs Bell
  H/C Hobbs Close Mr & Mrs Smith
  H/C Waterloo Road Jackie Holmes
  H/C Waterloo Road Mrs B Aitken
Medium Gardens  1st Primrose Avenue Mr & Mrs Allen
   2nd Primrose Avenue Mrs J Palin
   3rd Primrose Avenue Ms G Beard & Ms J Cunningham
  H/C Repton Drive Mr & Mrs Howarth
  H/C Waterloo Road Mrs K Pennington
  H/C Waterloo Road Mrs D Davies
  H/C Waterloo Road Miss S Higgins
Small Gardens 1st Kinglsey Road Mr & Mrs Johnson
  2nd Attwood Close Mr & Mrs Kirck
  3rd Hamilton Close jnt Mr & Mrs Rowley
  3rd Jessop Way Mrs Mary McDonald
  H/C Balfour Close Mrs F Coleman
  H/C Jessop Way Mr & Mrs Donegan
  H/C Victoria Court Mr & Mrs Walker
  H/C Repton Drive Mrs A Palin
  H/C Oakland Avenue Mr & Mrs Jones
Intermediate Gardens 1st Primrose Avenue Mr & Mrs Crutchley
  2nd Palmeston Close Mr & Mrs Allpress
  3rd Primrose Avenue Mr &Mrs Swindells
Pocket Handkerchief 1st New Street Mr A Clough and Miss K Smith
  2nd Oakland Avenue Ms J Gadd
  H/C Cloverfields Mr & Mrs Steenkamp
  3rd Trinity Cottage, Crewe Rd  
  H/C Wells Avenue Mr & Mrs Coxon
Landscaped 1st New Street Mr & Mrs Belton
  2nd Ashley Meadows MrJ Wycheley
  3rd Mount Pleasant Mr & Mrs Terry
  H/C Cloverfields Mrs Edwards –
Pots & Tubs 1st Waterloo Road Mr & Mrs D Bateman
  2nd Ashley Meadows  
  3rd Henry Street Mr T Davies & Mrs F Claridge
  H/C Ashley Meadows Mr M Hazlewood & Mr B Wallington
  H/C Heath View Mr & Mrs Houghton
    Waterloo Rd Mr & Mrs Brawn
Large Gardens Jnt 1st Crewe Road Mrs P Lofkin
  Jnt 1st Wells Avenue Mr & Mrs Bebbington
  3rd The Dingle 54 The Dingle
Novelty Garden   Ashley Meadows Mr & Mrs Proudlove
Best Overall Garden   Waterloo Road Mrs A Hodgkinson
Best Farm Garden   Barnfield Holmshaw Lane Mrs K Hillyard
Best Business Premises 1st Bargain Booze  
  2nd Primrose House  
Public Houses 1st The Fox  
  2nd The Foresters Arms  
  3rd The Hawk Inn  



Baskets 1st Pool View Mr & Mrs Birchall
  2nd Pool View Mr & Mrs Gill
  3rd Coppice Road Mr & Mrs Wall
  H/C Crewe Road Mrs Jean Bebbington
Farm Building   Kents Green Farm Mr & Mrs Latham
Landscape 1st Newtons Grove Mr & Mrs Wolley
  2nd Cross Lane Brown
  3rd Newtons Lane Mr & Mrs Fennessey
  H/C Pool Lane Mrs Dobbs
Large Gardens 1st Pool Lane Mr & Mrs Harrison
  2nd Newtons Grove Mr & Mrs Johnson
  3rd Pool Lane Mrs R Offer
  H/C Elton Lane Mr & Mrs Lawton
Medium Gardens 1st FairView Clay Lane Mr R Blackburn
  2nd Clay Lane Mrs Murrell
  3rd Newtons Lane Ms Tracy Billington
  H/C Crewe Road Mrs Jean Wilkinson
  H/C Elton Lane Mr & Mrs M Palin
  H/C Crewe Road 304 Crewe Road
Novelty 1st Invermere Clay Lane Invermere Mrs Jones
  2nd Nesfield Drive Pearl Hamlett-Wood
Pocket Handkerchief 1st Newtons Grove Mr & Mrs Gorman
  2nd Hollyfields Mr & Mrs Horsman
Pots & Tubs 1st Crewe Road Mr S Murphy
  2nd Newtons Grove Mrs M Timperley
  3rd Fishermans Close Mr & Mrs Gilbery
Small Gardens 1st Hollyfields 11 Hollyfields
  2nd Hollyfields Mr & Mrs Houston
  3rd Hollyfields 10 Hollyfields
  H/C Fishermans Close Mrs J Roberts
  H/C Newtons Lane Mr & Mrs Leydon
  H/C Newtons Lane Mrs H Ridley
  H/C Crewe Road H.C Deborah Ronson
  H/C Hollyfields 7 Hollyfields



Large Garden 1st School House Mr & Mrs Alabaster
  2nd Green Pastures Mr Leech
Medium Garden 1st Church Hall  Cottage Mr & Mrs Robinson
  2nd Brampton Lodge Mrs Jepson
Small Garden   New House Miss Dunn
Tubs & Baskets   Butterton Lane House Mr & Mrs Cureton


Senior Citizens:

Mere Close/Crewe Rd 1st 9 Mere Close
  2nd 4 Mere Close
  3rd 3 Mere Close
  H/C 1 Mere Close
  H/C 10 Mere Close
  H/C 2 Mere Close
Orchard Court 1st 10 Orchard Court Mrs J Jones
  1st 11 Orchard Mrs J Ancell Court
  3rd 9 Orchard Court
  H/C 2 Orchard Court
Cresslands/Waterloo Rd 1st 9 The Crosslands
  2nd 45 Waterloo Road
  3rd 11 The Crosslands
  H/C 35 Waterloo Road
  H/C 37 Waterloo Road
  H/C 4 The Crosslands
  H/C 1 The Crosslands
  H/C 7 The Crosslands
  H/C 8 The Crosslands
Walker Close 1st 2 Walker Close
  2nd 4 Walker Close Pat Barton


H/C = Highly Commended