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Are You Related to Leslie Poole?

Leslie’s grandfather emigrated from England to USA in 1909 and Leslie now lives in Camden, Maine, USA.

Having managed to trace her family tree back to Haslington in the early 1800s, she contacted me through the website asking if I knew of anyone who could help to further her research. Below in her own words is her story so far:

(Alan Casey)

A Message from Leslie Poole

Hi from across The Pond – This first generation American is searching for her Poole Ancestors in Cheshire – a joyful but daunting task.

I am hopeful that a member of the Haslington Parish might be able to assist in bringing more of my roots to light.  My 2nd great-grandfather Ralph Poole’s baptism on 8 May 1803 is recorded in the Haslington Parish Register and it lists his parents as Thomas and Elizabeth Poole.  His marriage on 28 Dec 1824 at St. Chad’s, Wybunbury to Sarah Potts was at a time when parents were not listed on the certificate.  But his 2nd marriage on 13 Nov 1848 to Anne (Lancaster) Meachin, widow, does list Ralph’s father as Thomas Poole, labourer.  Sarah Potts was born. 2 Jun 1805, Weston, Wybunbury and died. 17 Feb 1847, Crewe, Wybunbury; she was the daughter of John and Mary.

My Father, Harry Poole - (The Younger - b.1905) a 1930s photo
My Father, Harry Poole - (The Younger - b.1905) a 1930s photo

My main goal is to backtrack from Ralph Poole to find more information on his parents Thomas and Elizabeth, his siblings and, with less hope, his grandparents.  It is quite possible that Thomas had a wife before or after Elizabeth.  At this point, it is difficult going, as I have discovered there are many, many Thomas and Ralph Poole’s and sorting them out with an ocean as an obstacle has made the going a bit choppy.  My other goal is to find more about Sarah’s parents John and Mary Potts.  I believe Sarah’s siblings were Margaret, John, Ann, Samuel, Mary, Ralph, and Thomas.

I do know that Ralph was at Crewe Gates Home Farm as early as 1841 with his wife Sarah and children and it is likely he was there earlier and he was still there in 1851.  It appears that Ralph remained in the Monks Coppenhall/Crewe area until his death on 20 Mar 1864 at 74 New Street, Monks Coppenhall.

Children of Ralph and Sarah are Jane, Margaret, Thomas, Ralph, Mary, George, Sarah, John, Alfred, Henry, and William.  It is unknown if Ralph andAnne/Hannah had children, but none have been found.

It is my assumption from looking at Ralph’s time-line that he, his parents, and siblings were from the Haslington area. Exactly where is a mystery due to changes in town names, boundary lines, and the blending of parishes that have taken place over time.

Harry Poole (The Elder - b.1880) with his wife Harriet (nee Waters)
Harry Poole (The Elder - b.1880) with his wife Harriet (nee Waters)

I have been fairly successful in tracking Ralph’s children.  One is John Poole (my great-grandfather), whom I have been able to track from his birth on 7 Jul 1840 in Crewe to his death on 27 Oct 1913 in Glossop, albeit for a few years with Sarah Burslem.  John became a master tailor and eventually settled in Glossop around 1880 with his 3rd wife Rosa/Rose Sophia Palmer.  John would have at least 13 children by his three wives (2nd marriage doubtful), although it appears that his 1st two wives bore him only 1 child each.  John’s siblings have been tracked, as well, although not up to today.

Harry Poole (The Elder b.1880) - 22nd Cheshire Regiment
Harry Poole (The Elder b.1880) - 22nd Cheshire Regiment

One of John’s sons Harry Poole (my grandfather) born 1880 in Lancashire was a weaver in Glossop and a Volunteer in the 22nd Cheshire Regiment.  On 21 August 1906, while in Blackpool, Harry saved the life of H. Darnborough after he had been taken from the Baths in an unconscious state, for which Harry received an Award from the Royal Humane Society.  My search for a newspaper article on the event has not been fruitful.

Harry Poole (The Younger - b.1905), photo c1908.
Harry Poole (The Younger - b.1905), photo c1908.

Harry decided to follow his brother-in-laws to Lawrence, Massachusetts in the United States.  The mills in Glossop were closing and the family decided to take that leap of faith and search for a better life across The Pond.  Harry would immigrate alone to Lawrence in 1909.  In 1910, his wife Harriet, their only child Harry 5 years (my father) and Harriet’s mother Sarah (Smith) Waters and sister Ada would sail with them.  Harry, the elder, and his family settled in Lawrence where he would die during the Flu Pandemic, only 9 years after his arrival.  Harry, the younger, would move to the State of Maine shortly after the death of his mother Harriet in 1930.  He enjoyed life in Maine – finding work at the worsted mill and hunting and fishing on the weekends.  He enlisted in the U.S. Navy during WWII at age 37 and served on a destroyer performing convoy duties in the North Atlantic.  Harry died in Lincoln, Maine in 1973.

I am including the only photo that I have of my grandparents Harry Poole, the elder, (b. 1880) who married Harriet Waters (b. 1881), along with several other photos.  Harry, the elder, is the son of John and Rose (Palmer) Poole.  Unfortunately, no earlier photographs of ancestors are in my possession – something I dearly regret.

If anyone has any information on my family or photographs that they would like to share, I would be most grateful to hear from you.  You can reach me at my email address or by post at Apt. 19, 79 Union Street, Camden, ME 04843 USA.

If emailing please put Ralph Poole on the subject line, so I will not delete your correspondence.  Thank you.

Ms. Leslie G. Poole

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