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Grass Cutting Tender 2021

Invitation to Tender for Grass Cutting Contract

Contractors are invited to make contact to declare an interest in submitting a tender for a two year grass cutting contract in the Parish of Haslington

Prospective contractors are invited to tender; it should be noted that one contractor would for all the work would be preferred

Schedule of Works

Area One

Cutting of the grassed area known as The Village Green which is adjacent to the junction of Waterloo Road and Crewe Road in the village of Haslington.  This also includes strimming off all edges, around the flagpole, planters, tree protectors, along with the grassed bank opposite The Village Green and adjacent to The Red Cross Centre.  These areas are easily accessible by both vehicles and pedestrians

Area Two

Cutting of the grassed area known as the The Gutterscroft Playing Field together with the grassed area within the compound of The Gutterscroft Centre CW1 5RJ.  This includes strimming off all edges, goal posts, benches, the play area, etc.  Vehicular access to the playing field is via Gutterscroft Road and pedestrian access via Primrose Avenue.  The contractor would be provided with a key to access the playing field

Both areas are open to the public and it would be expected that an inspection would take place and that removal of any rubbish would take place before cutting takes place

Work Standard

  • It is expected that mowing will take place but the Contractor must be flexible enough to increase or decrease this programme for special events in Area One or periods of excess growth or drought. The grass must not exceed 100 millimetres in height and large amounts of grass lying on the surface after grass cutting will not be deemed acceptable.  In normal weather conditions, an average of cuts in the 8 in the months between April and October each year
  • All due care must be taken whilst mowing or strimming takes place and any damage caused to street furniture, etc. must be reported to the Clerk of Haslington Parish Council immediately
  • In the interests of health and safety, all grass cutting and strimming’s must be reduced to a mulch
  • The contractor is allowed to use selective weed killers to eradicate brambles, moss, ivy or other invasive weeds where necessary to improve grass quality and clear areas e.g. moss killer on grass
  • All due care must be taken when using non-selective weed killers such as glyphosate and only in consultation with the Parish Council before its use and stating the reasons and location
  • The contractor will be able to offer a differing methodology for that proposed, subject to approval by Council with an additional quotation in order to provide comparison


  • Contractors should acquaint themselves with the conditions of work before tendering. All questions should be emailed to the Parish Clerk at before submitting a quotation.  Please note that the Clerk works part-time on a flexible working pattern.  Your email will be responded to at the earliest opportunity and is regularly monitored
  • Prospective contractors are invited to tender for all of the schedule detailed
  • The contractor will be expected to cut the grass at their discretion however wet or warm conditions need to be taken in to account
  • The required standard of cutting is expected that grass needs to be cut often enough so as not to leave amounts of dead grass sitting on freshly cut grass
  • Quotations need to be submitted exclusive of VAT. Please indicate if you are VAT registered
  • The contractor shall comply with the Health and Safety at Work Regulations and all other statutes and regulations to ensure safe work practices are met and that the public is kept safe
  • Before that contact can commence, the successful contractor must supply a copy of their current public liability insurance policy, a risk assessment and at least two references from clients where similar work is undertaken
  • The Council reserves the right to offer the contract to the most economically advantageous bid and not necessarily to the lowest
  • The contractor must provide all necessary equipment and personnel whilst performing the job and provide a method statement to cover all aspects of health and safety
  • The contractor shall at all times maintain and in force such policies of insurance with reputable insurers or underwriters and shall fully insure against risk as the Council in its absolute discretion may require and indemnify the Council against, damage, loss or injury which may occur to any property or person(s) by or arising out of in connection with the provision of the service
  • The contractor will be expected to provide copies of all insurance policies at their renewal anniversary
  • The Council reserves the right to add or remove areas to be cut during the contract period and the contractor will be invite to provide an alternative estimate where applicable in writing
  • The contractor will be expected to complete a service level agreement before work takes place which outlines each parties responsibilities
  • The Council will not be liable for any damage or loss to equipment incurred but the contractor during the period of the contract howsoever so caused

What is Required on Your Quotation / Tender?

  • All works identified in the Schedule of Works
  • A clear price per cut for both year one and year two of the contract
  • Added value which includes how the work will be carried out and will enhance the village and bring benefit to the people of Haslington Parish

The following need to be completed when submitting your tender

Name of Contact:

Company Name:




Company Reg No:

VAT No (if applicable):

Invitations to quote / tender will be open for 28 days starting at 9am on Wednesday 3rd March 2021 and finishing at 12pm on Tuesday 31st March 2021

Tendering Notes

All tenders need to be submitted in a plain envelope for the attention of Hannah Marr, Parish Clerk, and clearly marked GRASSCUTTING TENDER on the envelope so that the tender process will not be prejudiced

You also need to include:-

  • Your quotation
  • Copies of your public and employers liabilities insurances
  • References as stipulated above
  • Method statements as stimulated above

Please retain a copy of your tender for your own records as contractors will be expected to be able to be fully conversant with the schedule and conditions throughout the period of the contract

One paper copy must be returned to:-

Hannah Marr, Parish Clerk, Haslington Parish Council,

3 Telford Place, Off Welsh Row, Nantwich CW5 5HX


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