Floriculture Tender – 2022 / 2023

10th February 2022

Invitation to Tender for Floriculture and Maintenance

Contractors are invited to make contact to declare an interest in submitting a tender for a one year contract to install, maintain and remove floriculture in the Parish of Haslington

Prospective contractors are invited to tender; it should be noted that one contractor would for all the work would be preferred

Schedule of Works

The Parish Council maintains various areas around the villages of Haslington, Winterley and Oakhanger which are planted in preparation for Summer, Winter and Spring.  The Council therefore invites contractors to make quotations to plant and maintain for the following:-

  • 3 x three tiered planters located on the Village Green. Each consists of a square base 33 inches square with two circular containers which are 21 by 17 inches.  It is requested that trailing plants are used around the perimeter.  Each basket needs to be relined prior to planting
  • 28 x two tiered circular hanging basket flower stands with each consisting of two steel baskets to a metal pole (56 baskets in total) across three locations (2 in Oakhanger, 5 in Orchard Court, 2 at Crosslands, 2 at the Dingle junction with Main Road, 4 at Cartwright Road and the remainder along the main road in Winterley). The lower baskets are 24 inches in diameter and the upper baskets are 18 inches in diameter.  Each basket needs to be relined prior to planting
  • Flower bed around the Millennium Stone on the Village Green
  • Flower bed in front of the War Memorial
  • 2 x 15ft flower beds on Oakland Avenue
  • 16 x flower tubs located around the village
  • All areas need to weeded regularly and plants dead headed to a high standard
  • All areas need to be watered on a regular basis especially when the temperature of the weather increases to allow for plants thrive and flowers to remain at a high standard
  • All plants, flowers and compost must be removed and disposed of safely in between seasons
  • When plants, flowers and compost are removed, new compost must be added to the baskets and tubs in time for replanting

All areas are open to the public and it would be expected that an inspection would take place and that removal of any rubbish would take place before any work takes place

Work Standard

  • It is expected that work will be carried out so that displays are in flower during the Summer, Winter and Spring seasons
  • That the areas above are regularly weeded and watered to maintain a high standard and to suit the weather conditions
  • All due care must be taken when work is carried out and any damage caused to street furniture, etc. must be reported to the Clerk of Haslington Parish Council immediately
  • The contractor is allowed to use selective weedkillers or chemicals where necessary to improve and clear areas around or in the areas listed


  • Contractors should acquaint themselves with the conditions of work before tendering. All questions should be emailed to the Parish Clerk at haslingtonparishcouncil@gmail.com before submitting a quotation
  • Prospective contractors are invited to tender for all of the scheduled detailed
  • Quotations need to be submitted exclusive of VAT. Please indicate if you are VAT registered
  • The contractor shall comply with the Health and Safety at Work Regulations and all other statutes and regulations to ensure safe work practices are met and that the public is kept safe
  • Before that contact can commence, the successful contractor must supply a copy of their current public liability insurance policy, a risk assessment and at least two references from clients where similar work is undertaken
  • The Council reserves the right to offer the contract to the most economically advantageous bid and not necessarily to the lowest
  • The contractor must provide all necessary equipment and personnel whilst performing the job and provide a method statement to cover all aspects of health and safety
  • The contractor shall at all times maintain and in force such policies of insurance with reputable insurers or underwriters and shall fully insure against risk as the Council in its absolute discretion may require and indemnify the Council against, damage, loss or injury which may occur to any property or person(s) by or arising out of in connection with the provision of the service
  • The contractor will be expected to provide copies of all insurance policies at their renewal anniversary
  • The Council reserves the right to add or remove areas to be cut during the contract period and the contractor will be invite to provide an alternative estimate where applicable in writing
  • The contractor will be expected to complete a service level agreement before work takes place which outlines each parties responsibilities
  • The Council will not be liable for any damage or loss to equipment incurred but the contractor during the period of the contract howsoever so caused

What is Required on Your Quotation / Tender?

  • All works identified in the Schedule of Works
  • All prices must be clear
  • Added value which includes how the work will be carried out and will enhance the village and bring benefit to the people of Haslington Parish

The following information and how to apply for the tender can be found here