Christian Aid Week 2012

A message from Christine Howarth:

Christian Aid Week will soon be here….May 13th -19th

Collectors are needed for the following areas:

  • Park Road
  • Chatham Way
  • Grenville Close
  • Kingsley Road
  • Crewe Road 1-49 (odd numbers only)
  • Crewe Road 63-85 (odd nos)  50-94 (even numbers) Crewe Road 101-157 (odd) Church farm-148 (even)

We try to cover all the houses in the village but it is difficult to find enough people.

If you have a couple of hours to spare in that week, please contact:

Christine Howarth

01270 583301

Thank you so much. We usually raise about £2,500.00 in Haslington and Winterley.

Let’s try to maintain this total in 2012