Can you help with a genealogy search?

The Parish Council has recently been contacted by the Church Warden of St. Michael and All Angels Church in Crewe Green

Due to adverse weather, a sink hole has developed in the graveyard which once investigated, appears to be the entrance to a crypt

The church has received advice from the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) and are required to ‘take every reasonable steps to identify and notify the heirs or successors of any persons interred’

Therefore, the church would like ask residents of local villages if they know of anyone who is a relative, or knows of someone who may know a relative, of the following people interred within the Crypt:-

Edwin Aaron – No further details available

Sarah Jane (wife) – Died 31st January 1860 – Aged 24

Mary Goody – Died 29th January 1860 – Infant

Eileen Maud Edwards – Died 25th August 1860 – Aged 2

William Albert Edwards – Died 27th January 1864 – Aged 26

Helen Flora Edwards – Died 6th November 1919 – Aged 68

Arthur Baskerville Edwards – Died 21st August 1920 – Aged 65

William Edwards – Died 13th August 1866 – Aged 65

Ellen Edwards (wife) – Died 10th November 1901 – Aged 63

Thomas Henry Edwards – Died 1st March 1913 – Aged 61

Victoria Mary Edwards – Died 11th December 1913 – Aged 66

The above information has been taken directly from a headstone at the crypt entrance

Every effort is being made not to disturb any remains during excavation works in the churchyard but should that happen, all work will stop and the Diocesan Registrar will be notified

If you are able to help identify any relatives, please contact Ron Taylor, Church Warden on 01270 581310 or the Parish Council at and we will pass the information on