Haslington Conservation Volunteers 1994 – 2016

Compiled by Colin Lythgoe, Chairman, December 2016


Around 1990 a group of like-minded friends with an interest in conservation in Haslington started to carry out work tasks in the area, mainly on improving footpaths.

In 1994 the group name of Haslington Conservation Volunteers was confirmed and a constitution adopted.  The group continued to do good work in the Haslington area until 2016.

This document which is intended to be a permanent record of the group, is in three parts.

Each part can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

Part 1 covers the early years, written by Simon Greenfield, the first Ranger who worked with the group.

Part 2 is a brief summary of work done and known facts about the group during its existence.

Part 3 is a more detailed account of the work at Hall o’the Heath Farm, where it was concentrated during the latter years.

Alternatively a printable (.pdf) version can be viewed here.

Just the photographs can be viewed in a photo gallery here.

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