SC Personal Training

SC Personal Training

I am a Haslington based REPS L3 Personal Trainer who understands how hard it is to get started and continue on the road to a new you. I have completed my own journey and continue to work on self improvement daily. I know it’s not easy, but if you’re prepared to put in the effort and dedication- YOU CAN be everything you want to be.

Are you…….

  • Afraid of large impersonal gyms ?
  • Struggle with weight and nutrition?
  • Want to train with a “real” trainer who understands
    all the barriers that prevent self improvement ?
  • Reluctant to be tied into a gym contract ?
  • Fed up of paying expensive gym fees ?
  • In need of on-going personal support and motivation ?
  • Getting married ?
  • Getting ready for that special holiday ?
  • Struggle with flexibility/mobility ?
  • Have joint/ back problems ?

Have you…

  • Tried lots of fad diets (I have!!!)?

Are you…

  • Ready to make positive changes to be a happier healthier person?

Then what are you waiting for……………..CALL ME NOW on 07490780162





 Services Offered

  • Personal 1-1 coaching and support.
  • Customised Exercise Programme.
  • Nutrition Advice.
  • On-going motivation and confidence building.
  • Mobile Personal Training- I come to you. YOU may not be comfortable in large impersonal “regular” gyms.
  • I can train you in your home/outdoors.
  • Regular progress monitoring. This includes body fat %, weight and body measurements.
  • Telephone support (especially if you’re struggling which we all do at some point!)
  • Regular progress updates with further goal setting.
  • Safe and supportive environment.